Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Pictures :)

Logan's 3 yr photo shoot and Gavin's 5 yr photo Shoot.

Thanks Jonnye:)

Logan's New Puppy Room

Take a guess who took the picture above :)

We gave Logan's room a complete makeover, and now it's all dogged-out. Brady built the doghouse and my mom and I did a little painting on the wall around it. The black part on the house is a chalkboard, my husbands bright idea :)

I found lot's of cute puppy things on eBay, here are a few.

And Logan's favorite part are his puppy sheets, because it looks like little puppy's walked all over his bed with muddy feet :)

Gavin's 5 yr NASCAR Party

Gavin is a big NASCAR fan. He loves any car that's fast but he has a special connection to Jeff Gordon because of the cool flames on his car. Jonnye took these first two so we could frame them and put them in his new NASCAR bedroom.

5 years old!!!

Lot's of presents :)

Sofia took this picture of me and Gavin.

I love this picture. Gavin loves to let the ballons go and watch them fly. This is at the end of the night with his best buddies (and their daddy's). Jonnye wasn't there to take it, which explains the bad quiality. But it's still sweet.